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 F A T   O U T   F E S T

Fat Out Fest is our flagship event that we have produced sporadically since 2011. The festival started as a two day DIY festival with bands performing back to back between the Islington Mill event & gallery spaces. The 2017 edition of the festival saw us break out of islington mill and take over two adjacent warehouse spaces for three days of continuous experimental music and art performances.

 Fat Out Fest is now a collaborative celebration of music and visual arts. Since the 2014 edition we have invited in chosen curators to help us produce our festival, which continually develops our program making it an even more exciting party for our audience. 

Our previous curatorial partners are; Videojam, Gizeh Records, Tombed Visions, Opal Tapes, Baba Yaga’s Hut, Basilica Hudson, Le Guess Who?, Cheryl, The Quietus, Lovers & Lollypops, Supersonic Festival, Sweet Sticky, The Wire, Body Horror, Bollox, Box Records, Brave Exhibitions Festival, Counterflows, Creatures Of Catharsis, Gross Indecency, Upset The Rhythm, Eat Me, Creatures Of Catharsis, Frixxxion, Off With Their Heads, Seren Marimba, Sexquisite, Erased Tapes, Alphaville & Grove.


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