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 O U T L A N D S


Develop inspiring and relevant projects, commissions, and partnerships. 

Create engaging, progressive and accessible experiences for a range of audiences.

Provide valuable support, resources, and opportunities for network members. 

Produce an annual network event; a forum for critical and crucial conversations in and around the scene.


Performance-led, experimental music should be valued as an essential part of the UK’s diverse cultural fabric. 

There must be broader support and further provision for non-mainstream arts and music culture.  

Audiences deserve a range of cultural experiences which include the experimental, the challenging, the radical, and the new. 


Outlands was initiated in 2018 and developed out of a motivation to pool expertise and resources, encourage equality and accessibility and build local audiences. 

In 2018-19 we commissioned and toured six new, interdisciplinary productions and an interconnected engagement programme. 

Since then we have shifted our focus away from touring, focussing on how we can support the national experimental music scene in the new world in which we find ourselves. This feels like the most vital thing we can do at this time.

Outlands is driven by a voluntary steering committee who contribute to the development and vision of Outlands work. They are: 
De la Warr Pavilion - Supersonic Festival - Fuse Art Space - Qu Junktions - Cambridge Junction + Bad Timing - Fat Out - MK Gallery - KARST

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